Friday, July 10, 2009

City v. Country

This is an overly generalized post. Want to get this thought down though. I think it's important to know if you're a city or country person.

CITY = bustle, buzz, small, expenses, fashion, creative, proximity

COUNTRY = slow, peace, nature, big spaces, savings, comfort

There's convenience and inconvenience to both. As well as competitive economies. Governing bodies and extracurricular activities. Families and friends. Social ladders. Poor and rich. Skirts, suits, and white tee-shirts. Jeans.

We're all working, shopping, eating, drinking, sleeping, and (hopefully) loving and being loved.

Choose to live your life where you feel comfortable. City? Country? That perfect place in between? I truly believe we can survive anywhere so, if this is the case, you might as well live a happier life by surviving in a location you prefer*.

*Friends, family, career and other factors play a role but sometimes it's healthy to think about questions in absence of these factors. You can always include them later and reevaluate.

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