Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Privilege To Drive

I am working on regaining the privilege to drive in the state of California in mid November (I'm confident you can do the math here.) After functioning for four and a half months without a license, I have a fierce new appreciation for laws and social responsibility. Plus, an awareness of the luxury of exercising logical forensics to make an exception to policy. I have waited in line for hours. I have paid temporally and financially. I have never been a more humiliated, and, of course, humbled. I'm now more patient. More respectful. (Sorry for all of the "I"s.) And I'm thankful this happened. It is easy to go through life and never experience what I did. Respect your fellow humans and the law. If you don't, the clock is ticking. Think it is only fair to finally share this.

Today I Found Out

at the ACS Discovery Shop that my friend with cancer was told she had six months to live December '08. Given this diagnosis, I think my previous post is an even greater testament to the power of her spirit. I've heard many similar stories and I feel lucky to be in the company of a survivor firsthand. She came in again today to volunteer and my goodbye to her was "See you next Wednesday!"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Have A Friend With Cancer

I met her at work and she is going through chemo right now. The radiation treatments are awful and she still manages to come into volunteer at the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop (it's a second hand (donation only) retail store in Corona Del Mar that donates 75% of revenue to ACS.) She came into today with a wristguard on because the radiation is now giving her carpal tunnel. 

Everyone is sensitive to her weak immune system and low energy, but she still wants to help out so we find her small jobs. I'm amazed and overwhelmed by her passion for life and activity. She is past pain. And I think just wants to be treated like a capable human being and not a sick person. She will live longer, or, even better, beat cancer because of this. A truly inspiring woman.

Learn how to volunteer for the American Cancer Society in your neighborhood:

"Her Eyes"

I heard this song by Pat Monahan today in the car and liked this little line.

She's old enough to know,
and young enough not to say no.

Lately, I miss that "young enough not to say no" feeling. Feel me?

drybar ~ a blow dry bar

My sister-in-law, Alli Webb, is opening a blow dry bar in LA - Brentwood, specifically - in January. I'm beyond excited for her and completely in love with the concept (even though I have superthin hair that air drys in 5 minutes and doesn't take a curl...a.k.a. not an ideal drybar client). She will have a sexy teaser website up soon and has started a blog if you want to follow her journey of being an entrepreneur, in addition to Grant and Kit's mom and a rockstar wife, sister, and friend. Here's the link. Please cheer her on with me!