Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cafe Americain

I did not see ONE Starbucks in Nice/Cote D'Azur. Not during our cameos in Northern Italy or the Swiss Alps either. I loved this but can understand that some of my friends would be disappointed. Here's what I recommend to those who travel to Europe and are longing for 16 oz. of coffee:

1) Manage your expectations. Accept going in that coffee (and really everything) is not consumed in mass quantities.

2) Order a coffee called a cafe americain. It's a double shot of expresso served with a side of hot water. Barely bitter with rich cocoa notes. I know it doesn't seem like "much", but after you add a little water and cream/sugar, to your liking, I can almost guarantee you will enjoy the flavor and feel content with this size serving. (I was taken by surprise too as my usual order at Rose's Bakery is a medium Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee with two shots of espresso.)

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