Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Disposable Sunglasses

Urban Outfitters is having a huge sale right now and all of their sunglasses are 1/2 off or $10! Take my advice if you aim to stay in style and save some money and heartache. You just may never buy $300 sunglasses again.

Urban Outfitters has tons of great frames in every color imaginable. They never have cheap fake designer letters or logos. And inspiration ranges from Jackie O to Kanye West. I dropped $40 on these 4 pairs which I think are pretty nice. And if you're still not sold, here's 3 more reasons:

1. If you lose them you're not upset for a week
2. If you loan them to a friend and they come back damaged, or never come back, there's no harm to the friendship
3. It's really fun when someone loves your glasses and you can offer to give yours to them on the spot

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