Sunday, February 7, 2010

Michael's Fortune

After a delicious dinner at Bamboo Bistro last night, Michael got this nice message in his fortune cookie. Do the fortune cookie gods know we're about to open LA's first blow dry bar, Drybar, this week? They must... :D

Old School Coupons

I enjoy clipping coupons. Here's why I think this is so:

1. It's kind of like a little arts and crafts project (fun!)
2. You can be selective without having to make a purchase decision that moment
3. Once you're done with the coupon book, you throw it away (guilt-free)
4. Once the coupon expires, you throw it away (quasi-guilt-free)
5. When you eventually use the coupon - after promoting it to the precious space in your wallet, carefully carrying it on your person at all times, and find yourself at its retail partner for the promotion - you feel indescribably good about saving $1 on toothpaste.

(It's the little things)