Saturday, June 6, 2009

What Would Google Do?

I just started reading "What Would Google Do" by Jeff Jarvis. Here is my favorite quote so far. He uses these sentences to explain how to reevaluate your method of attracting customers to take advantage of the power (and necessity) of "thinking distributed" in the context of the web:

"People draw their me-sphere with themselves at the center and everyone else - especially those who want their money - on the outside. That's how companies and institutions should view themselves: on the outside, asking to come in."

Google has provided a platform to enable anyone and anything to get distributed. It's a tool to get your potential customers to the destination or content they are seeking as efficiently as possible.

So figure out how to ask your customers to come in, not make them. Turn over traditional, centralized advertising theory and find out what people may ask to find you...need you...want you! Your own homepage is important, but nowhere close to the breadth of pages featuring links to your homepage. Apply your resources here and grow. Fast.

This thinking can be applied by companies and institutions, but also by anyone with an audience. I don't want your money; however, I do want your time - the time it takes to read my blog. I'm inspired to find other content on the web that I think you value and start distributing "Breathe Air & Drink Wine" there. Please leave a comment with your favorite sites to help me get started. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wine Gallery

This is the best tasting room and wine shop in Corona Del Mar. I walked up last night to taste a few whites and reds and planned to return home, but the night took a turn for the better! I met a group that was having a reunion (UCLA) and chose Wine Gallery as their first stop for the night. Now scattered along the California coastline from San Francisco to San Diego, they see each other a few times a year - but it's clear they're all still close and always out to have a good time. We started talking about wine at the bar and the next thing you know we're polishing off a '05 Boillot (1er, Les Epenottes) burg, indulging in Crow Bar's melt-in-your-mouth lamb shank, and Chip's telling the famous "Del Taco story." That's a pretty strong ending to a random Monday night in CDM.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


On Saturday, Michael (in hot pursuit of a WSOP bracelet and big win) boldly tested his skills against the best players on this planet. Yesterday he played in a World Series of Poker tournament in Las Vegas for over 12 hours. His focus, patience, 6th sense (a gut instinct he trusts), and a little luck made him one of 720, out of 6,000, players to make it to Day 2! 

Very impressive, Landau :)

Why Unique?

Why do we strive for unique thinking or experiences? 

To entertain this mental exercise, my reasoning immediately jumps to the human need for attention and praise. Westerners are programmed to be comforted by the attention our uniqueness may foster. One must be an outlier for sustainable success down this path to praise. And if you're not? Is your fate the mundane?


It sounds awful, but it's not. You're human and can bond with other humans by having relatable goals, fears, dreams, frustrations, hopes, and vices. Live with your everyday experiences which enable this ability. The life of a sevant can be lonely. I've found the most satisfying way to feed my ego (we all have to) is by capturing someone's attention through connection.