Thursday, July 23, 2009

Try Not Having Everything

Almost everyone who has access to the internet, and therefore this blog, has every thing (think Maslow) humans require to live. And a lot more. (I'm included in this group.)

Recently, I've been inspired by letting necessity facilitate action...instead of access. You will be overwhelmingly satisfied (maybe even enlightened) when you wait until you need something, become temporarily uncomfortable because you don't have it, seek it out*, and ultimately make the aquisition.

Try this with diet, medicine, wardrobe, household accessories, even your social calendar. Shock your system with raw fulfillment.

* This could even require waiting. Not as frightening as it sounds :)

French Press

I've never made coffee in my life, but on Sunday I decided to start. I bought a Bodum French Press from Kean Coffee (Costa Mesa, CA). It's beautiful. And it's a process. I want to love this.

But I'm failing repeatedly.

After a tutorial from the thorough and passionate merchandise expert at Keane, a coaching phone call with my grandmother who has worked at a coffee roaster (Omar Coffee in Hartford, CT) for the last twenty years, my own research online, and even an attempt with my mom (who never fails in the kitchen), every batch is weak. I add a scoop of instant coffee to make it even drinkable.

I've tried different water temperatures, various brewing times, stirring and not stirring. I think next Sunday I'll be picking out my Nespresso* on eBay.

*Unless anyone has one collecting dust they want me to take off their hands. Old model and/or used - as longs as it works. It will be loved.