Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Higher Road

I dream of the day the media reflects its attention on positive core human values like love, trust, respect, and charity. By turning the focus away from greed, dishonesty, fame, and wealth, attention will lose it's correllation to these negative behaviors. Until then, we will continue to artificially stimulate our minds and misguide powerful human energies. We are not destined to live depressed, uninspired lives. We have learned too many lessons as a species to let this happen. 

As hard as it is sometimes in our existing "connected, informed, and up-to-the-minute" world, try to take a deep breath and grasp onto a morsel of peace. Plant a flower. Savor a piece of fresh fruit. Go for a walk and smile at a stranger you pass. Pick up a piece of litter. Think about the taste of clean, cold water. Hug someone you care about. Snail mail a card. Tune into the sound and smell of sautéed garlic . Clean and polish your glass before you pour your wine (ok, that's me being a cork dork). Light a candle. Call someone who you know needs a listener. If the people and events we attend to are inspiring or fulfilling, we will lead happier lives. The end (of the higher road).