Monday, March 30, 2009


I've always kept a journal, but privately. As a new "blogger", I'll do my best to appropriately use this new technology to stay in better touch with family and friends...and more actively experience the (scarily) strong bond more and more humans have with computers. I'm heading out for a morning walk around Ocean Avenue in Corona Del Mar. It's two blocks from my house here and one of the most peaceful/exhilarating moments of the day. For at least ten breaths I will consciously inhale the sweet ocean air to beyond my lungs capacity. Then slowly exhale with restraint - a proper balance of patiently coming to the end of this ultra-sensory breath and beginning the next one.

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  1. Hi Sarah. I'm liking you blog already. "Wine and Air" - I think i've found the missing name for my wine bar!
    Don't be a stranger.