Friday, April 3, 2009

Emeritus: To Earn By Service

Last night was the first time I've had Emeritus. It's a more masculine pinot than the Poppy. The 2006 Estate Bottle Russian River Valley pinot is a nicely concentrated wine with refreshing acidity. It clocks in a little high in alcohol (14+%) but that blows off and the rich fruit notes of black cherry and ripe raspberries step into the spotlight. This well balanced wine has the autumnal backdrop I am always looking for in a good pinot. Integrated, subtle New World pinots can be hard to come across.  You can tell Emeritus is made with the Burgundian appreciation of terrior and a graceful style in mind. Well done. 

Here is some info from their website:

The Emeritus Team farms the vineyards to exacting standards with only one goal: To produce a Pinot Noir of great distinction, a wine that reflects its vineyard heritage and embodies the spirit of the people who put the best of themselves into their work—a noble wine.

EMERITUS. (ē–mer´–i–tus), Latin, past participle of ēmerērī,to earn by service. The Emeritus Team has embarked on a quest for the quintessential Pinot—a new direction in California Pinot Noir.

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