Friday, October 30, 2009

Tomoe Sushi

One of my best friends lives in Greenwich Village and this trip to New York I stayed with her. She always raves about this hole in the wall sushi place near Washington Square Park, but we've never been able to power through our low blood sugar while waiting for a table. (Especially when Otto is around the corner from her apartment.)

Upon a late arrival last night, the sushi stars were aligned. By the time we arrived at Tomoe it was almost 10 and we got a table immediately. The place was cozy. The sake list was written on the wall. The conversations of the tables sandwiching us composed the soundtrack for our meal. I was back in New York and couldn't be happier. And then, the food came.

An assortment of some of the freshest looking, and, more importantly, tasting sushi I've had. I picked up a piece of yellowtail sushi, the fish gently hugging the fresh rice, and feared I would crush it. I didn't think raw fish and rice could ever feel like it was melting in your mouth. I stand corrected. Thanks Tomoe!

(Side note: They will substitute white rice in cut rolls with brown rice, but not sushi. And if you go the sashimi route, I think you're making a big mistake. There is an epic texture experience you will appreciate if you have tasted sushi anywhere else.)

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