Thursday, August 13, 2009

Booker Wines and Eric Jensen

Booker was not only our homebase, but quite literally our wine playground. When we arrived around noon on Sunday, after a LONG Saturday (tasting appts from 10am to 4pm), Bobbyfox, Orion, and Eric welcomed us with wine straight from the barrel and free reign of the property. This place was about fun.

After a taste of Eric's experiment with cement tanks for his '08 "White" and his delicious 100% '08 Grenache (bursting with sweet and tart red favorite!) we unpacked a picnic and invited everyone working and visiting the winery to join us. 

I couldn't have dreamt a better Sunday afternoon in wine country until the quad, motocycle, and mule started their engines. Eric Jensen and his team are as rockstar-farmer-winemaker as it gets. Next time maybe The Stones will be there. (Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that Fergie was in the tasting room an hour before us!) Make a stop at the Booker Tasting Room a priority on your next trip to Paso:

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