Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pizza and Nebbiolo d'Alba

Had a nice dinner at Pizzeria Ortica (Costa Mesa, California) on Friday. If you're looking for a great value Piedmont wine, give Poderi Colla's 2006 Nebbiolo d'Alba a try. I made this choice from the wine list which was on the shorter side and after being informed they were out of the Dolcetto d'Alba I initially ordered (usually my go-to wine when I'm selecting for palates keen on silky, fruit-forward, dense New World reds and want to introduce them to an Old World option). The bottle was listed for about $60 (a nice price point relative to the $120 Pio Cesare 2004 Barberesco) and we decanted the wine while enjoying a glass of Franciacorta with our appetizers. After having a chance to breathe, the Nebbiolo held up nicely to the food and we had plenty of cheeses, olive oil, and cured meats to help soften some of the (still young) tannin. Overall, this a well balanced wine with excellent concentration that needs a little more time in the bottle. The quality of the producer came across to everyone at the table and those trying their first Nebbiolo appreciated the dynamism the wine added to our fresh and thoughtful antipasti and pizze. The honey gelato and chocolate sorbetto cannot go unmentioned. Vino. Pizze. Dolci. Perfecto.

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