Friday, April 2, 2010

Katana with Yarom & The Hedonists

Big wine dinner at Katana with Yarom and gang last night. It had been way too long since I've spent a night outside tasting fine wine and sampling Katana's top dishes (that's pretty much how this group rolls two nights a week!). Almost a year to be exact ;)

As usual, I really enjoyed the yellowtail sashimi and tuna carpaccio we started with, but then they brought out the whole fish. It was unlike anything I've ever tasted. The outside was crispy, sweet, savory (maybe some kind of bbq/soy glaze?) and Dawn and I did a pretty good job with our chopsticks scoring a few succulent chunks of meat. Great call with that order, Yarom.

Here are my shoutouts to top wines of the night. All were appreciated and enjoyed, but the follwing my personal favorites:

1975 ZH Pinot Gris
- we started with Ron's champagne and this beauty...cheers :)

1966 Riesling Cabinet
- perfect follow up to the pinot gris with a bit more weight and intensity

1998 Beaucastel CDP
- my man Larry did me the favor of opening this noteworthy red, needed a little time to breathe then climbed until the bottle was empty

1973 Muller TBA
- dessert, thanks Yarom :D

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