Monday, January 25, 2010

Italian Sommeliers Association Grand Tasting

This was a trade tasting put on by the Italian Sommeliers Association at Trastevere in Santa Monica. I had the privilege of being invited to taste and write about the wines I was able to taste. Thanks to the Principe Prosciutto di San Deniele for the melt-in-your-mouth prosciutto and breseaola and Ca’D’Oro olive bread which makes me look forward to working in LA that much more...

G U I D E :
Winery, Appellation, Name, Grape, Vintage

B U B B L E S :

Banear, Prosecco, Prosecco Frizzante, prosecco, NV
- slightly sparkling, uncork with a corkscrew, crisp, refreshing, lower alcohol (harvest earlier at lower sugar levels), pleasant acidity, not cloying whatsoever

Caposaldo, Veneto IGT, N/A, prosecco, NV
- clean, bright, no cider element (which can bug me in some proseccos) and a but more complex, considering ordering for my wedding

W H I T E S :

Vignalta, Colli Euganei, Sirio Muscato, 100% dry muscat (fully fermented), 2007
- gorgeous + inviting nose, nice mouthfeel, complex white, bitter honey finish

Pescaja, Roero Arneis DOCG, N/A, arneis, 2008
- round, floral, wild herbs, more complex than other expressions of the varietal at the tasting
- world cultures nugget: still locally called “nebbiolo bianco” in Piedmonte

Butussi, Colli Orientali del Friuli, N/A, sauvignon blanc, 2007
- lush wine, very different from both Napa and Marlborough, some vanilla but also crisp, melon, fresh pineapple
- my two cents: I’m always impressed by Friulian sauv blancs and whites in general...there should be more on wine lists (and by the glass)

Carraia, N/A, Carraia, fiano di Sicilia, 2008
- rich winter white, honey, anise, minerals, wine with depth, complexity, and crispness...intriguing

R E D S :

Batasiolo, Alba DOC, Sovrana, barbera,2007
- single vineyard barbera, softer, a primary plus young wine
- my two cents: single vineyard well-made barberas like this one are worth the small premium, especially when compared to young, rough nebbiolos (and usually better value than young barolos if you are buying to drink now)

Cavaliere, Puglia, N/A, sangiovese, 2009
- elegant, integrated, full-bodied, young but well-made

Carria, Sicilia, N/A, aglianico, 2008
- pretty, easy drinking young red, gentle tannin, flavors of black fruit, dark chocolate, approachable acidity and minerality
- pronunciation nugget: the indigenous Italian varietal, aglianico, is pronounced ahl-YAHN-eh-koe

Bibi Graetz Soffocone di Vincigliata, Tosacana, N/A, N/A, 2007
- single vineyard, fine tannin, tart red fruits, delicious with the prosciutto and olive bread

Cantine Sant’Agata, Ruche di Castagnole, Na Vota, ruche, 2007
- a new varietal for me, very impressive: complex, distincitive, raspberry, herbs, great value for wine’s substance
- quick question: “Who drinks ruche?!” (LOVE IT!! I’m so excited to have tried this wine)

Michele Chiarlo, Barolo DOCG, Cannubi, nebbiolo, 2004
- lovely, signature barolo notes, one of the few wines I couldn’t bare to spit

Tenuta di Corllosorbo, Brunello di Montalcino, Brunello, sangiovese, 2004
- roses, red berries, nice balance, (relatively) soft tannin, delicate, had to swallow this one too... :)

Batasiolo, Barolo DOCG (Serralunga), Corda Della Briccolina, nebbiolo, 2003
- Stefano Poggi was pouring the 2003 at the tasting and I had the pleasure of enjoying the 2004 last year at a dinner with him and Fiorenzo Dogliani at CarneVino in Las Vegas after wine Spectator’s Grand Tasting. These are excellent wines that will mature gracefully overtime. If I had to compare, I would recommend the ‘04, but it doesn’t take a genius to recommend a stellar vintage...

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  1. I read with pleasure your positive assessment of our Sauvignon, 2007
    as you wrote, is very different from other sauvignon occurring in the world, and the
    FRIULI, is famous precisely for its white wines, intense, and fruity, like Sauvignon, but also Friulano and Ribolla.
    If you have occasion to come to Italy, I will be happy to make you taste the other wines we produce.

    Filippo Butussi (Butussi Wines)