Monday, January 4, 2010

F. Magnien '05 Chambolle-Musigny, 1er "Baudes"

Day 1 (opened at 4:00pm, double decanted, first review at 5:30pm):

Nose: Leaves, smoke, game, and animal fat. Not as perfume-y as I’d like. Think I can smell the barrel, but also think it will open up more in the next few hours and overnight.

Front palate: Ripe strawberry, raspberry sauce, dried red cherries, know it’s over used, but “fruit-forward” comes to mind (Freddy is known for making “big” Burgundies)

Mid to Back palate: Dissonant. Chalk, herbs, some awkward tannin, bitterness, and heat

Finish lingers. Actually sits quite well on the palate after 20 seconds.

Thoughts: Realize this wine needs some age but imho the fundamentals of alcohol, fruit, acidity, and tannin aren’t ideally balanced. I don’t think the quality (aka attention to detail in his winemaking/$) is high enough here to improve that much with age. Maybe this wine’s availability, is another clue to its quality and aging potential.

Day 2 (re-tasted at 5:30pm):

A much more integrated wine now. A sleepover with oxygen definitely massaged out some kinks...nose is prettier, more seductive...palate is cleaner, some cassis and blackberry – less red fruit now – mineral and herbal elements have matured to project a tasteful presence. Tannin has softened, as one would expect. Really a different wine now. I’m very thankful I saved some for Day 2 :)

Bottom line: This is not a poor to good value wine, as I would have deemed it yesterday. It’s young and really needs oxygen and time if opened this early in its development. I love Burgundies because their unpredictable nature and expense challenge me. As wise men say... Stay curious and stay foolish. I believe buying and tasting the wines of Burgundy is an excellent way to practice this philosophy.

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