Saturday, June 6, 2009

What Would Google Do?

I just started reading "What Would Google Do" by Jeff Jarvis. Here is my favorite quote so far. He uses these sentences to explain how to reevaluate your method of attracting customers to take advantage of the power (and necessity) of "thinking distributed" in the context of the web:

"People draw their me-sphere with themselves at the center and everyone else - especially those who want their money - on the outside. That's how companies and institutions should view themselves: on the outside, asking to come in."

Google has provided a platform to enable anyone and anything to get distributed. It's a tool to get your potential customers to the destination or content they are seeking as efficiently as possible.

So figure out how to ask your customers to come in, not make them. Turn over traditional, centralized advertising theory and find out what people may ask to find you...need you...want you! Your own homepage is important, but nowhere close to the breadth of pages featuring links to your homepage. Apply your resources here and grow. Fast.

This thinking can be applied by companies and institutions, but also by anyone with an audience. I don't want your money; however, I do want your time - the time it takes to read my blog. I'm inspired to find other content on the web that I think you value and start distributing "Breathe Air & Drink Wine" there. Please leave a comment with your favorite sites to help me get started. Thank you!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    We went to a wine dinner with your parents last weekend and she was telling me about your blog. I will let her tell you about our dinner but I promised her I would send you a note and tell you the wines we had. they were very nice. Let us know what you think about the selections. We had Villa Sandi Proseco with the meats, cheeses and olives. We had 2007 Candoni Pinot Grigio with a trio appetizer of suasage stuffed mushroom, stuffed shrimp and clams casino. A Costasera Amarone 2004 with our main course of Veal and a 20 year Port with Flan. The company was even better than food.

    All is well here the boys finish fifth grade next Thursday and we have tons of end of the year events that are making me crazy! Otherwise we are fine and happy. Hope you are the same.
    Carla Mangiafico (Tom, Chris and Matt, too!)

  2. Thanks Carla! My parents had such a nice night too. I can't believe the boys are almost done with 5th grade. I would love to see them now. The Amarone was a nice selection - I haven't had that producer...a few of my favorites are Quintarelli and Allegrini. I'm not a huge Port fan - I prefer Vin Santo or a TBA. Miss and love you guys XO