Monday, May 25, 2009

Do What You Can

This sweeping generalization differs for everyone. Having recently been prescribed rest to get better, I've been thinking about the concept.

I tell myself I can accept that no one is superhuman, well maybe Madonna. But, for some reason, I recently worked myself up to a state of hyperproductivity that stressed out my immune system (resulting in shingles). This virus was not fun, so it became a priority to figure out how I could prevent it from recurring. Here's what I came up with...

It's always going to feel good to accomplish a task, educate your mind, and take steps to improve your life. Unfortunately, for some, this can mutate into extreme expectations and guilt-ridden down time. I took the basics for granted and pushed mental and physical energy to the limit. I can talk and write about "keeping it simple." And learned the hard way that there's no benefit to that attitude without execution. 

So, do what you can. Be uniquely human. Exercise your strengths and accept your weaknesses at capacity. I'm trying now. 

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